About Trade Roots

At Trade Roots we believe in the healing power of plant foods and in the power of social business to do good. Our mission here at Trade Roots is help eliminate poverty by nourishing people around the world with nutrient dense, organic, plant based foods, and by connecting impoverished farmers to the global market. Poverty is a massive battle to tackle and it's tied up in political, social and economic issues, but its foundations start with health, nutrition and education.

In many impoverished areas, children lack the proper nutrition to reach their full developmental potential which ends up perpetuating the cycle of poverty. We are driven to change this by using a portion of our profits and products to nourish and support education to the children in the communities we work with. When a population becomes healthier, stronger and more educated, they start to produce more, creating more economic activity and the cycle of poverty can begin to fade. We also understand that economic activity and free trade with the global economy is vital to ending poverty. This is why it's our goal to connect farmers from impoverished areas to the global market while maintaining high standards of quality and assurance. 

Every day 16,000 children die from malnutrition. If we can change that number by any amount then we're doing our job! Studies show when a population pulls its self out of poverty they begin to care about the environment. This is a big win for everyone worldwide. 

 You can't escape poverty without having money, and it's hard to get ahead if you haven't developed to your full biological and educational potential. Starting from the soil up, we are going to make a lasting difference! It's a long term strategy and we're committed to making positive change! 


With love, 

Trade Roots